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Air Handling Solutions and Maintenance Provider


At Global Air Projects our clients expect total air quality management solutions which are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest possible standard.

Service & plant maintenance

Global Air Projects qualified service and maintenance engineering team offers a professional and comprehensive maintenance service package and technical advice. Our aim, to keep air handling equipment within production facilities maintained to a high standard and in peak performance resulting in minimal time and loss of revenue from breakdowns.

Global Air Projects carry out a comprehensive inspection and advisory service on all aspects of ventilation schemes, both supply and extraction systems.

Covered within our service and plant maintenance contracts:

• Duct/Canopy cleaning in compliance with TR19.
• D.T.T (Deposit Thickness Test) or W.F.T.T (Wet Film Thickness Test).
• AHFU inspections & cleaning.
• Filter care.
• Pd readings on all filters.
• Filter frames.
• External construction inspection.
• Internal construction inspection.

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• Door locks, hinges & seals maintenance.
• Fan, motor & bearings inspection.
• Fan belts, pulley condition & alignment maintenance.
• Anti-vibration mounts inspection.
• Inlet/Outlet Ductwork inspection & maintenance.
• Ductwork support systems maintenance.
• Control panel condition/filters inspection & clean.
• Fire dampers.
• Service report.

Global Air Projects work alongside our clients, producing relevant service documentation required for 100% food audit compliance.
A post-clean report verification of cleanliness will be issued with a primary method of visual assessment with photographic evidence, D.T.T and W.F.T.T records alongside the opportunity for the client to witness duct scheme and testing.

Included within this report:

• The system(s) cleaned.
• Cleaning methods used.
• Pre-cleaned measurements.
• Post-cleaned measurements.
• Photographic records.
• Additional works carried out (if any).
• COSHH data on any chemicals used.
• Observations on the condition of the duct work schemes
• Recommendations for future testing and cleaning requirements.

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